• Aimee Karlin

Reiki Changed My Life

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

And I can’t wait to see how it will change yours!

My first Reiki session was about 8 years ago. I was pretty lost and sought out a spiritual therapist of sorts. I will never forget the feeling I had after that first session. I felt like I was floating, I had a glow about me and everything seemed at peace and right with the world. Indeed my energy had shifted and was balanced and aligned. My interactions with everyone that day was pleasant, driving was easy (and anger free haha) and I just wanted to share that joy and positive energy with everyone I met that day. I wanted to know how to keep that feeling for forever. Spoiler alert...I didn’t. After that I pretty much forgot about Reiki. After that, I had pretty much forgotten about the magic that I felt that day.

Fast forward to December 2018, after a conversation with a dear friend, the seed of taking a Reiki workshop was planted. I have always had a sense of strong intuition. I could feel energies and just had an innate empathy with people I connected with. I never understood what it meant or how to use this “soul gift”. I just knew that I always wanted to help people but never knew how I could fit it into my life in the right way. Well, I took my first workshop and my whole world opened up. I saw what a gift Reiki energy was. I felt empowered. I love Reiki because ANYONE can do it. You don’t need a special gift or 6th sense to give and receive Reiki. I soon wanted more, so I pursued my Level II and Advanced and soon my Reiki Master certifications. With the help of my amazing teacher and mentor, Maureen Rivelle (you should check her out, I had all of my certifications within a year of starting my journey.

As I practiced Reiki, the blessings kept coming. The messages my guides, the universe and my higher self were sending me were unavoidable and have honed my sense of intuition and gently and not so subtly nudged me to make the choices to have this beautiful modality in my life. I finally knew how I could help people. I now proudly have my Reiki Master certification in the Traditional Usui Method as well as my Ordained Minister license. I have moved back from Seattle, WA to my home city of LA where I think people need this amazing form of healing the most. The energy of Los Angeles is scattered, intense, overwhelming and draining. My goal is to provide a safe and peaceful relaxing space where one can find respite from this crazy town. To change the world we must start with ourselves. Join me on this journey as we discover together how powerful and EMPOWERING this form of energy work can be!

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