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 CRM / Clairsentient / Empath


Originally born and raised in Southern California, my first and ongoing passion as an artist gave me a lot of natural empathy. I lived in LA for 7 years before growing exhausted by the intense energy of living in such a city. I moved to Seattle, WA where I instantly felt at home and fell in love with my new environment and the deep wisdom and energy of the land there. While in Washington I recognized my need for a deeper understanding of myself. It was there that I discovered the magic of Reiki and how it finally gave me a channel for my empathy, intuition, and fundamental yearning for helping others. The more I studied, the more I wanted to learn more.

Reiki is such a special modality for healing. I quickly noticed how much more connected I was. Slowly my anxiety, depression, and fear was starting to melt away. Over time, it took me to beautiful places inside myself, of freedom, wholeness, and deeper spiritual awareness. Seeing its benefits in myself and the lives of my loved ones, Reiki gave me a meaningful way to connect with and empower others.

Life events and the universe brought me back to Los Angeles where I have my own Reiki practice. I think LA is a city that needs this kind of work the most. Practicing Reiki here also gives me reprieve when I get overwhelmed, exhausted and unbalanced by the energy of the city and those that live in it. I believe there is a lesson in the challenge of making a peaceful life here and confronting the demons that pushed me out of it years ago.

I am a proud certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Traditional Usui Method here in Los Angeles, CA. I love empowering patients to understand their energy, their emotional life and discover the gentle power and wisdom of Reiki energy. My mission is to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I believe that one's own power can be recognized and grounded through the universal energy and power of Reiki promoting a higher sense of self and well-being. I am always looking to integrate new learnings and modalities into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for personal and spiritual growth. My journey is far from over and I am far from "perfect" or "enlightened". I think there is a certain expectation with healers that all of us are automatically gurus. Quite the contrary. Many of us are still learning the skill of life mastery and helping others heal facilitates our own healing and learning. There is a great humility that comes with this line of work and I personally get so much out of every single session. 

I look forward to sharing this wonderful practice with you and hope I can help create a better world, one session at a time.


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